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Have you heard about "lock bumping"?
Well unfortunately the bad guys have and it puts your families personal safety at risk in your own home. The link below will play a video from a TV news broadcast on bump keys. Before you watch the video, rest assured, Spring Lock & Key is here to help with the latest lock technology and has a solution.
It's far to often we hear about customers getting ripped off by scammer locksmiths.
We've all heard of scammer locksmiths but not everyone is educated to the tactics used by these unscruplous individuals. Don't feel alone. This happens daily to thousands of people across America. In an attempt to get this crime under control many states have enacted laws without much if any success. Its time to make a change and work from the customer end on education and help them make a good choice when calling for a locksmith's services.

The SOPL has put together a locksmith scammer video to educate consumers. It is by far the best approach I've seen on educating the consumer about
locksmith scams and how they work. This approach will help curb these unscruplous individuals. I am hosting the first video of a series produced by the SOPL. It's a bit lengthy but this topic is very serious and the more customers that view this will be better off.
Please click on the link below, sit back and become very knowledgable about this crisis
Nationwide Locksmith Scam
Unfortunately in the locksmith  business you'll find the occasional scam artist that rips the consumer off usually when he/she is "helpless" in a locked out situation. We call them "Scamsmiths". Lucky for all of us Texas is one of the few states that by law requires a Locksmith to be licensed and insured. The licensing process is under the direction of the Texas Department of Public Safety through the Private Security Bureau (PSB). The PSB maintains a database of all licensed Locksmiths in the state. The link below will bring you to the database where you can search and check to see if the Locksmith you are considering is indeed licensed and insured. You may also file a complaint with the PSB on a person that is not licensed and operating as a Locksmith. The second link is a TV news segment on how some of the "Scamsmiths" operate.
See what the BBB has to say about the Nationwide Locksmith Swindle