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Residential Locksmith Services
When you purchased your home did you receive all the original keys to the entry doors? Most people didn't. Each entry lockset comes with two original keys even if they are all keyed alike. You need to ask yourself who has keys to my home? Possibly a carpenter, sheet rock installer, roofer, plumber, neighbor, maid service or whomever. You should consider a Locksmith for rekeying your entry doors. The small cost for rekeying each entry lock is well worth the peace of mind.

What is a Residential Master Key System
Do you have a maid cleaning service that comes into your home? Do you leave the door unlocked for the maid service because you either ran an errand or were at work? Have you given them a key to your home? What do you do when they are no longer your service and don't return your key? Have they made duplicates?

Do you have a lawn service or a neighbor that needs access to your garage when you're not at home? Did you give them a key? Do they have access to your entire home? If the answer is yes to any of the above, you may be a candidate for a custom designed Residential Master Key System.

Up to now, if any of the above scenarios happened and you needed to change your lock keying you would call a Locksmith and have him re-key all your locks. With a custom designed Residential Master Key System, you're call to the Locksmith will be to re-key the one entry lockset that could be compromised due to a lost key, stolen key or duplicated key.

The real beauty of the Residential Master Key System is each door is keyed differently. If you have a front door, side door, back door and a garage door, you'll have a different key for each door. These keys will restrict access to only that one door. By now you're thinking I'll have to carry four keys. Not so. You'll have a fifth key that will open all the doors. This is the Master Key. Usually immediate family members will possess a Master Key.

The small incremental cost to upgrade to a custom designed Residential Master Key System verses a complete re-key each time your system is compromised is very cost effective. Ask us about
designing a Residential Master Key System for you.